Information offers several online apps that you can use to become more proficient at recognizing sounds, analyzing chords and designing chord progressions. As long as this website is in beta, the apps are all free. is a European website and the applied music theory meets the classical European standard. is aimed at music students, teachers and inquisitive amateurs.

Voice-lead 5-Part Chord Progression Generator

This app generates fully automatic more than 1,500,000 5-part voice lead progressions of 6, 8, 10 and 12 chords. You can listen to a progression before you download it as a MusicXML.

Automatic Chord Analysis

A very useful app for anyone who wants or needs help analyzing chords. Both popular notation with chord symbols and classical harmonic analysis are given as possible outcomes.

Recognize Chord Types by Ear - Medium and Advanced

It can be useful to recognize chord types such as major, minor and more complicated chords by ear. This app will help you develop advanced hearing.

Practice Perfect & Relative Pitch - Medium and Advanced

Practice and develop your aptitude for relative and perfect hearing.

Recognize Instruments by Ear - Medium and Advanced

Even if you are an experienced orchestrator or conductor, this app may be a challenge for you.

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